Wyoming to break China's Rare Earth Mineral Global Market Dominance ?


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95% of ALLLLLL Rare Earth minerals come from China.

74% of ALLLLL Rare Earth Minerals used in the US are Imported from China...and China just announced they were going to BAN additional Rare Earth Mineral and place limitations on what is extracted in a move to try to dominate the Global Market and increase prices.

In 2023...Probe drilling in Wheatland Wyoming yield high concentrates of Rare Earth Minerals. Scientist at the time thought it would be a MASSIVEILY HUGE find and estimated they would be able to mine up to 1.2 BILLION Metric TONS of Ore in Wyoming. It was one of the reasons China cited as a move to BAN rare Earth Minerals as they are trying to squeeze the market as much as possible before other countries join in on Rare Earth Mineral Mining.

They have now defined the scope and boundary of the Rare Earth Deposit, and continued to investigate and have now Drilled 25 % of the area with Test holes and their findings are even far beyond what they ever could have imagined.

They already thought they had found the largest deposit of Rare Earth Minerals known to Man, Turns out they had UNDERESTIMATED by as much as 64%!!!! The additional test holes drilled have proven this deposit is much larger than first thought and they have now adjusted their outlook up from a previous 1.2 BILLION METRIC TONS to 2.34 BILLION METRIC TONS of Minerals. The entire Global Demand of Rare Earth Minerals is 60,000 metric tons per year

Experts are saying Wyoming could turn into a modern day gold rush but experts are saying the find in Wyoming is so big it could collapse the market if the US doesn't take a very smart approach. American Rare Earth said they expect each Wyoming mine opened for Rare Earth could sustain jobs for at least 30 years per mine and say there is a potential job boom coming to Wyoming.
You're about to see ALOT more of this. Largest Oil and Gas company in the US is now going into the Lithium Mining business.

Now that HUGE stores of Lithium have been found in the US...Enough to ensure that if Oil companies start to move toward Battery powered vehicles the supply for any and all US and Worldwide demand they can control by controlling the Lithium and Mineral deposits in the us and thus can start to phase out Oil production in favor for Mineral Production. Drilling Oil and Mining Lithium are VERY close to each other in profitability but Lithium is set to out pace Oil Production growth by 10-15% in the coming year.... so it will be a natural move for Oil companies to invest and expand into mineral production for rechargeable energy sources, now massive deposits of those sources have been found in the US.

Bout to see Lots of US based energy companies began to invest and will see a slow change from fossil fuels to mineral based fuel cells.

Warren Buffett Dives into Lithium: New Venture with Occidental Petroleum

Warren Buffett announced a partnership with Occidental Petroleum, the largest oil and gas company in the U.S., to produce battery-grade lithium. This move was made due to their shared interest in battery-grade minerals.

On the 5, BHE Renewables signed an agreement to partner with Occidental Petroleum to extract battery-grade lithium from geothermal brine. BHE Renewables is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., led by Warren Buffett, which is responsible for the energy business.

The newly established joint venture plans to construct, own, and operate a commercial-grade lithium production plant to supply the rapidly growing electric vehicle battery market. BHE Renewables will utilize direct lithium extraction technology in the Imperial Valley of California, located 155 miles east of San Diego. BHE Renewables operates 10 geothermal power plants, producing 345MW of clean energy by processing 50,193 gallons of lithium-rich brine per minute.

Richard Jackson, President of Occidental Petroleum’s Onshore Resources and Carbon Management, noted, “By combining Occidental Petroleum’s expertise in processing natural resources and brine management and BHE Renewables’ extensive knowledge of geothermal operations, we are optimistic about producing a more sustainable form of lithium.” As the U.S. and European governments encourage using electric vehicles to reduce fossil fuel consumption, major oil companies are also expanding their business into the battery sector.
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