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I suggest we start a thread focused on recruiting. I seem to have a hard time knowing our next year’s class. ( sighned) , committed, etc. It’s easy for football. Those lists are everywhere.

If any of you wrestling guru’s have the info; I thank you in advance.
I know we have signed a few guys from Stillwater HS. The only one I know for sure is AJ Heeg. He is a 2 time, probably 3 time State champion in Oklahoma
We signed the #1 guy in the country, Christian Carrol (HWT) and another top 5 guy Brayden Thompson (184). Cael Hughes from Stillwater (133/141) is top 25 as well and is a 3 time, soon to be 4X Oklahoma state champ. Heeg (pronounced H-egg) was committed to OU and switched late is ranked about 30 P4P. John Smith's son Sam Smith (125) is in the class. He won state as a Freshman and finished 2nd last year. He's a good, not great guy that has a lot of improving to do to join the lineup. Jersey Robb (Bixby-197) is a monster ranked around 50 and also a 2X state champion. Last - Jayce Caviness, unranked but a 4A state champion from Stilwell projected at 125/133. Either the #1 or #2 class in the country.

Brayden Thompson had a little hiccup in a big California tournament a few weeks ago and got kicked out after his first two matches for ALLEGEDLY hitting a dab pen. Transferred the next week to Stillwater High where be may or may not wrestle this year as a Senior. Probably just a stupid HS kid thing, but something to keep an eye on.

Stillwater High is loaded for the future too, and a top 2-3 national program (and only public school up there) and there are at least 3 kids we really want, the best of which is probably Dee Lockett. Edmond North has a bunch of dogs and they aren't far behind in the top 10 nationally. Pretty cool these guys are competing with some of the best prep schools.

EDIT: We has the #1 Class in 2020 too, but 2 of our top 3 guys are not wrestling for us (Ferrari and Mastro). That HURTS
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OK State Tournament ended yesterday, and some good results for most of our guys.

Cael Hughes completed his undefeated HS career and 4th state championship with a fall, fall, and 4-0 win over Hunter Hollingsworth from Edmond North.

AJ Heeg lost in the finals after a fall and a tech fall. He lost 3-2 to Moore’s Payton Thomas (who was undefeated this year)

Sam Smith finished 3d losing 3-1 to Westmoore’s Devon Miller

Jersey Robb won the ship, tech fall, fall, 6-4 over Edmond North’s Oscar Williams.

Brayden Thompson was not able to wrestle in regionals/state by Stillwater as he arrived late and was not allowed to challenge the current Stillwater kid (AJ Heeg)

Christian Carroll won the Illinois championship at 220.

Jayce Caviness took 3d at 132, losing to Hunter Hollingsworth 3-1 in OT.
Here are some other finishes of note:

Beric Jordan, a Class of '24 commit (and move in to Stillwater HS) and the #15 overall national recruit lost 4-3 to Ponca City's Chris Kiser in the finals at 113. Kiser is a national #81 recruit for 2024.

Aydan Thomas of Stillwater won 106 pounds. He's class of 2026.

Jace Roller from Bixby (national #97 - 2024) pinned his way to a championship at 138

Kael Voinovich (brother of Victor) from Stillwater (national #47 2024) lost in the finals to Clay Giddens-Buttram of Bixby (National 89 - 2024) 5-1

Ladarrion Lockett from Stillwater pinned his way to a championship at 157. He's a huge target for us and he says we are his #1, but he's gonna take visits. He's #4 in Class of 2025.

Landyn Sommer from Stillwater won at 165. (Class of 24)

Oscar Williams (National #91 2024) Edmond North lost in finals to Jersey Robb

JJ McComas Rogers (Stillwater, National #85, 2024) lost to Bixby's Gage Walker in OT in the finals at 126.

Layton Schneider from Edmond North is National #48 for 2024. He won 144 pounds 8-3, tech fall and then major decision in the finals.

As you can see, we have some studs from OK coming up. only about 30 of the top 100 for 2024 have committed, and 11 of the top 20 are still uncommitted, so we have plenty of opportunities. Unfortunately, Penn State has 3 of the top 7 committed to them, and Angelo Ferrari is #1 and he's not coming here (nor would we want him).
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Going to have the #1 recruiting class this season with three guys in the top 10 of the class. Christian Carroll (#2), Brayden Thompson (#5), and Cael Hughes (#8).

Of course they need to be developed and to live up the ranking but still great to be bringing in this kind of talent.
Going to have the #1 recruiting class this season with three guys in the top 10 of the class. Christian Carroll (#2), Brayden Thompson (#5), and Cael Hughes (#8).

Of course they need to be developed and to live up the ranking but still great to be bringing in this kind of talent.
As bad as the pokes have been doing lately they've been recruiting really well.
#1 recruit in the class of 2026 is in Stillwater preparing for US Open. Jax Forrest. He's a generational talent. If you see him around Stillwater, make sure to make him feel welcome.

Kid looks like Steven Malkmus from Pavement. Loves training with Daton.
What happened with this visit? Any positive vibes?
What happened with this visit? Any positive vibes?

Not technically a visit. He's only a freshman, so technically there's a no-contact rule for the college coaches. He's working out in the RTC so more with Zo and Daton. Part of the kids club more than anything.

He'll be back, probably several times. This is going to be a long process and, quite frankly, our high level recruits need to start being better developed and performing at a high level on the big stage for us to have a chance not only with Forrest... but with every high level recruit moving forward.
Few other names in the portal I would think we would be interested in: Izzak Olejnik (AA from Northern Illinois) and James Rowley (174 from Wisconsin)
Im not sure who I would REALLY want from OU other than Buchanan. Wiley? Scwartz? Nijenhuis? Are they really that much better than the guys we have?

Wiley is solid. Beat Paniro Johnson from Iowa State. Had some head scratcher losses too, of course.
Herrera-Rendon would be interesting as well. 3x Pennsylvania state champ. Dave Schultz winner. #1 guy in his class at 152. #9 overall in class of 2021.

Bit of a wildcard considering him doing nothing at OU... but in the right environment maybe could be something.
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HMmm...nice pickup for Olejniks spot?

Replacing one AA for another seems like a good plan. If one of the guys in the room already takes the spot at least you know its legit.