Unrest and disorder at Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting leads to criminal affidavits

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/l...n&cvid=4ba79833a9b749a4b4eb05731fc85ba8&ei=23More unrest and disorder: 'Let's not tie it to skin color': Oklahoma superintendent says racism not to blame for infamous Tulsa massacre. Maybe next he will advance to saying the Holocaust was made up.​

I think we have elected a very strong Right wing Extremist in Ryan Walters

He is the Sec of Education. This is not his area and there should be no reason for him to do anything other than focus on the education budget and programs of Oklahoma.
I think we have elected a very strong Right wing Extremist in Ryan Walters

He is the Sec of Education. This is not his area and there should be no reason for him to do anything other than focus on the education budget and programs of Oklahoma.
""Let’s not tie it to the skin color and say that the skin color determined that," Walters replied."

This *&^%ing guy.....

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Unrest and disorder at the Norman meeting, too. No wonder. He went stupid early in his speech by saying education isn't about funding. Near the end, two teachers told him off. One even said she was a Republican Evangelical. He still stresses about the need to allow parents to get more involved, but what if they don't want to?

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Walters looks so disgustingly ridiculous for continuing to stir up controversies already settled or irrelevant to Oklahoma education. He complains about Soros funding elections. But he won his election by a wide margin, so move on from him. He still worries about transgenderism in the schools but it's now against school policies for boys to play in girl sports and transgenders must go to the restroom corresponding to the sex born with. Move on from that. Leftist indoctrination that he doesn't like is going on in other states. So let those states worry about that and focus on relevant ways to improve education in Oklahoma, if that is not too much to ask of him and his ideology. My guess is he spends too much time on loony far-right extremist propaganda sites while taking them seriously. Taxpayers don't pay him to do that.
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I've often wondered what this even means? what indoctrination is taking place in other states?
We pledge allegiance to the flag, and strive to help students become good citizens. That’s the only indoctrination going on to my knowledge in public schools. What indoctrination goes on in private schools who knows!
Oklahoma Education Association’s InspireOK sponsorship application rejected for politically-driven reasons

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An annual event to inspire teachers has become a lightning rod as the Oklahoma Education Association’s sponsorship application was rejected because of political reasons.

The Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) Communications Specialist, Monica Royer told KFOR the organization had been contacted by the State Department of Education (OSDE) on June 13 about sponsoring InspireOK 2023.

Two days after the deadline, OEA found out that the OSDE leadership team denied their application. No reason was given, according to Royer.

After News 4 shared the news on social media, OSDE Chief Policy Advisor, Matt Langston said their “official” response as to why the application was denied could be found in an OSDE YouTube link.

The video showed a national network interview with State Superintendent Ryan Walters as well as National Education Association remarks from a conference. No one from Oklahoma was identified in the video.

“It’s par for the course for you know, with the Walters’ regime at that State of Education. They really, really, really like to find some kind of bad guy or whatever else they’re trying to do. And they’ve made it very clear, even when Walters came in to the Capitol at our committee meeting, and he didn’t just compare teachers, teachers unions or teacher associations to terrorists, he called them terrorists,” said OK House Representative, Jacob Rosecrants (D-Norman). “It’s alienating teachers when he’s supposed to be leading teachers.”

Langston then provided KFOR with a summarized list of reasons for the application denial.
  1. “Promotes porn in schools”
  2. “Lie about indoctrinating kids in the classroom”
  3. “Attacks parents”
“It’s always disappointing to hear that because we want to make sure that we are fulfilling the promise of public education to make sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world,” said OEA President, Katherine Bishop. “Over 130 years ago [OEA] came together to make sure that we had a public school system and we had a place for our kids to learn. And that’s who we are. We are the teachers and support professional administrators across the state that take care of our 700,000 students every day.”

Yukon High School government teacher, Alex Shirley said he’s extremely disturbed by the way Supt. Walters is attacking the state education system.

“He targets students, teachers, and our communal cohesion with fear mongering. Specifically regarding OEA, Ryan Walters is attacking the largest teachers’ union to fracture our solidarity. He knows that if he can single us out, he can force us out of the profession & state, just like how he singled out the teacher in Norman,” stated Shirley. “I do not believe for one second that Walters wants to improve public schools. I think he wants to morph them into religious schools. It’s no coincidence that Walters attacks students and teachers while emphasizing prayer in school.”

Shirley believes Supt. Walters is a threat to public school students and teachers.

“He should be impeached and removed (if he doesn’t resign in disgrace). Oklahoma will be better without Walters in a position of power over education. It needs to be said: Ryan Walters is a fascist,” added Shirley.

A former Muskogee Public Schools teacher, Ian McLoud is disappointed to see the current relationship between OEA and OSDE.

“I just don’t see how any of those three talking points are serious,” said McLoud. “OEA looks out for teachers when we can’t do that ourselves.”

McLoud said none of Langston’s three bullet points about OEA is true in his opinion.

“The joke among my colleagues was that if we could indoctrinate our students we would choose getting them to turn in their work. No teacher dislikes parents enough to attack them. In Muskogee, where I taught, we were trying to get parents to be involved and grateful when we found some who were. I think all teachers, and OEA, understand the importance of getting parents to be a part of their kids education which you can’t do if you’re attacking them,” explained McLoud.

Despite the InspireOK sponsorship application being rejected, OEA still booked a space at the same conference center in Midwest City on Monday. OEA’s event was set up several hallways a part from OSDE’s.

“We’ve had waves of people coming through. The Oklahoma Education Association is here and we’re a part of this community, we’re a part of our state, and we will continue to be that,” said Bishop. “Who we are is our resources of professional learning for them and that they know that we have their back.”

News 4 reached out to OSDE Monday morning for an interview to discuss OEA’s application, but never heard back.

Rep. Rosecrants said he’s disappointed in the OSDE and Supt. Walters.

“Is this purposeful? Like are you wanting the attention that you’re getting? Because you’re getting it,” stated Rep. Rosecrants. “It’s a clear and present danger to our public schools.”

Rep. Rosecrants also touched on the classroom looking different as the years go on, so he believes OSDE needs to step it up even more. He’d also like to see a stronger teachers’ association.

When asked if OEA plans to sponsor InspireOK in 2024, Royer said OEA will wait to see where things are by next year, but if possible, “we will always work to sponsor events that support our members.”

OEA plans to hold Summer Leadership seminars for educators this month.

State GOPs around the US are attacking all tenants of public education, pumping public money into private religious schools, and peeling back child labor laws at the same time. It isn't that hard to figure out what is happening.

Voting and education need to be rights in our Constitution. Every American citizen of legal adult age should have a constitutional right to vote (hell, I'd go the Aussie route and make it a legal obligation). Every child should have the constitutional right to an education with federal minimum of what an education constitutes (levels of math, reading, science, history, etc required and reviewed based upon changes throughout the globe so our students are keeping up). Then again, I also think anyone who applies to run for public office or be appointed to public office, should have to pass the Citizenship Exam at the same time they submit their papers. I think there is a significant chunk of state & federal lawmakers that couldn't get close.