Trump Nazi spokesperson cut off on CNN

Shocker...the same Trump Campaign lady that claimed the video Trump shared with clearly Nazi themes wasn't Nazi related

This lady can't even hide her love of the blonde hair blue eye master race.....if others are interested...look into it ..this lady WORKS FOR TRUMP

I don't know why they chose to have her on at all but frankly they know in advance what these people are going to do. It is just 24-hour news theatre to shut down interviews for dumb things like attacking the moderators. When she said "If you are attacking the moderator, you are showing that you lost" was fine. But, if the woman is dumb enough to stick to that line, you let her. Otherwise, it gives credence to the "Left-wing agenda is silencing the truth blah. blah. blah."

Tapper is a big boy. I think he can handle a little boring criticism from a Trump barbie spokesperson.