The U.S. is pumping oil faster than ever. US #1 Global Producer, set to almost Triple output from 2008-2024


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You're going to hear alot about Oil Production and Energy Policy of GOP Vrs Dem. Trump Vrs Biden etc etc etc for this 2024 Election Cycle. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Reality before the poop starts flying from every side of the room.

The reality it America loves oil and it doesn't matter if it is a GOP or Dem in the WH....they will always side on more oil

US reliance on OPEC Imports has diminished

2023 Production set to be 12.8 Million Barrels PER day and forecast to grow to 13.1 Million Barrels PER day in 2024

2008 production was 5 Million Barrels PER DAY

Under Trump Oil production on Federal Owned Lands grew to an impressive 2.75 Million Barrels PER day. A number that has grown under Biden to 3 Million barrels PER day despite his call to end all NEW production on Federal lands.

Under Trump the US became Energy Independent......that has not changed at all since Biden took office and the Fossil fuel industry has continue to perform strong and grow under Biden

It's good all the oil production is being done with hardly any significant earthquakes in Oklahoma. Natural gas is supposed to boom. It sounds like Biden needs to deal better with Russia and OPEC to bring oil prices down.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if the much needed new $5.5 billion refinery will really be built in Cushing. That's a lot of money to come up with. After all, you can have lots of oil but not enough refineries to meet gasoline production needs.
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If you look at EIA data we haven’t seen an increase in Oklahoma at least, total volume has dropped.