Stardust Power to address US lithium shortage with country's largest refinery in Tulsa


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Stardust Power is bringing the largest lithium refinery in the country to the greater Tulsa area.

The company plans to address a huge lithium supply shortage in the US as the demand for electric vehicles increases

NewsChannel 8 spoke with the CEO of Stardust.

The chief executive officer for Stardust Power wants to create domestic production capacity because it’s a huge national security priority.

“One thing I think is really important is to think of the national security implications for our country," said Stardust Power CEO, Roshan Pujari.

Roshan Pujari, the CEO of Stardust Power, grew up in the state of Oklahoma.

He was also the governor’s appointee for the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Now, he’s teamed up with Nasdaq to bring the nation's cleanest and largest lithium refinery in the world.

“China dominates the lithium space. Up to 85 percent some reports say, of battery grade lithium refining, which is critical not only to the energy transition and the adoption of EVs, but also for our Department of Defense," said Pujairi.

The CEO says that military technology is increasingly dependent on batteries.

There are only two substantial lithium producers in the U.S.

One in Nevada another in North Carolina and a few years, Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma has a great geographic position being the center of the country. Central to supply and off-take. And maybe most important of all Oklahoma has a surplus of highly skilled oil and gas engineers that can be transitioned to lithium," said Pujari.

The company has secured 66 acres in the greater Tulsa area and the site has access to the largest inland waterway system in America.

And Pujari says the future of electric vehicles is already here.

“California with their decision to not to sell any more gas-powered cars, by I believe 2035, has dictated the market, said Pujari. We see the market as all the gas-powered cars are being phased out.”