Bottom 2

LSU strikeout
Single up the middle
Former cowgirl Petty hits a double in the gap to make it 3-1
Sac fly to LF for out two…makes it 4-1 LSU
RBI double makes it 5-1..pitching change as Ivy Rosenberry comes into the game.

Aycock struggled with command. Too many full counts, 3 walks.

Groundout to end the inning. LSU leads 5-1 after 2
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Top 3

Bloodworth strikeout on drop ball
Edwards walk
Timm doubled to left field…runners at second and third. That hit the top of the fence
Godwin singles to make it 2-5 LSU
Wang with a double to LF line to make it 3-5 LSU runners at second and with one out
Pass ball scores Godwin to cut LSU lead to one 4-5
Poullard walks…good AB for her…runners on the corners only one out
Wark single to RF to tie the game 5-5…runners at first and second.
Lott PH for Graf…flyout to CF…both runners tag runners on second and third
Davis singles up the middle runners scores to give the cowgirls the lead 6-5..cowgirls have batted around this inning.
Bloodworth strikeout to end the inning

Cowgirls lead 6-5..credit the hitters for the in game adjustments seeing their pitcher a second time around
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Groundout to pitcher
4 pitch walk
Fielder’s choice for out two..runner out at second.
HBP…runners at first and second
Groundout to pitcher to end the inning

Cowgirls lead 6-5 after 3

Edwards flyout to RF that almost left the yard
Flyout to SS
Godwin doubles to LF
Groundout to first to end the inning

Cowgirls maintain a 6-5 lead

Groundout to pitcher
Strikeout for out two
Single to LF
Single to RF…runners to first and second. Visit to the mound. Ivy stays in the game
4-3 groundout to get out the jam

Cowgirls lead 6-5 after 4
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