It’s a broken record, another year, continued Oline struggles. Couldn’t run the ball until finally in the 4th quarter, most likely due to the FCS opponent wearing down.

Many pinned the struggles last year on Birmingham’s injury. He’s back and at LT, but looked slow and got blown by several times.

What’s the deal with Wilson? Gundy commented that it wasn’t an injury or legal issue, but “an issue between him and me”. Seems like an attitude issue which is concerning from a veteran guy you took to media days.

M&M (Miterko and Michalski) whiffed more times than could count. Also the snaps were all over the place.

Springfield left early, but frankly it’s a concern he is still a starter. Replaced by Cooper who was a first team all conference guy at the same level of competition we were playing last night. Looked lost.
Anytime you have miterko starting it’s not going to end well. He wiffs constantly. Preston Wilson is very concerning to me, I don’t want to speculate because we have no idea what happened but it’s very odd.

Starting lineup imo should be

Tackles: Cooper and Springfield
Guards: Brooks and Birmingham
C: Wilson (pending whatever is happening behind the scenes)

Michalski is not good. Miterko is awful. Springfield shouldn’t be one of the best 5 guys we have, but he is so you have to play him.

Birmingham is playing out of position.

We had an entire offseason to get better players on the line and we failed to do so. Same guys from the past few years that have stunted the teams success due to the inability to run the ball and protect the QB.