Offseason Thread: What is your favorite OSU Uniform Combo?


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No wrong answers, unless it was one of the ed hardy uniforms (kidding).

For my favorite, it is the throwback uniform we used in the 2017 Texas game. I like it better than the uniforms this year even though they were similar, because the text didn't appear so low on our chests and the shoulder pads weren't popping out as much.
I like all of them, even when they screwed around with gray. They weren't my favorite but it was different.

That said, I am usually a more orange = more better guy but I love the white/black/white look at home, at night.

I loathe the Fisher Price Orange helmet, especially the ones we wore against Baylor for the XII championship that only had white contrasts. The ones with the cursive Cowboys and black face masks were much better. For whatever reason it just doesn't look right to me.