Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicked out of the House Freedom Caucus


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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was recently kicked out of the House Freedom Caucus after a string of disagreements with the conservative group, according to two GOP lawmakers familiar with the situation.

“She is no longer with HFC,” a Republican lawmaker told The Daily Beast, noting that “disparaging” fellow members is frowned upon.

“I think there has been some disparagement that’s been going on,” the GOP lawmaker added.

That euphemism is a reference to Greene’s recent fight with a prominent Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), which culminated last month with Greene calling Boebert a “little bitch” to her face on the House floor, as reported by The Daily Beast.

That was apparently the final straw for Freedom Caucus members—a group in which Boebert remains a loyal member in good standing.

But Greene's biggest personal foe in the HFC—Boebert—was far from the most enthusiastic to push her out.

During internal deliberations almost two weeks ago—which occurred after Greene confirmed to multiple publications she indeed did call Boebert “a little bitch”—Boebert agreed with another member who argued against removing Greene, out of respect for her right to “freedom of speech.”

“She was against having her removed,” a GOP lawmaker familiar with the HFC meeting told The Daily Beast. “She was actually against it.”

Boebert confirmed to The Daily Beast that she defended Greene on freedom of speech grounds, but would not comment on how she ultimately voted.

“The comments that Marjorie and I shared with one another had absolutely no influence on my vote,” Boebert said Thursday afternoon.

Greene, who has drifted away from the far right flank of the GOP since arriving in Congress in 2021, will no longer be privy to the group’s internal meetings or strategy going forward.

In recent months, she has emerged as a crucial ally to Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), not only helping him secure his speakership but pass a debt ceiling deal that conservatives in the HFC loathed.

Confirmed by the HFC today here

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People don’t feel comfortable talking in Freedom Caucus meetings because of Marjorie and others, so the group has sort of broken up,” one GOP lawmaker told CNN