Happy for Mike Boynton. But we got an upgrade in offense and building a team.

And so would Garrison. All these guys offensive games would blossom. But to really make his offense go, we need a four that can shoot. Daily could provide that, but he and McBride are really threes. Need a taller more pure shooter. I'm excited about this guy. Get it done Chad, if it's not already.
Need a quality college rebounder/interior defender. Reports are that Lutz doesn't rely much on the three but instead on twos, I guess mid-range and layups, getting fouled and going to the line. Boynton supposedly went for three-point shooters, and we see where that got us (and him).
In his scheme, the most important trait any of these guys must have is that they need to be high IQ/high-level processors of the game. If any of the guys on the current roster can't do that, he will not play them.
Mike's a good man and did some good things under tough circumstances most of his career. I really wanted him to succeed but man he just struggled offensively and building teams. Most years it was like pulling teeth, especially after the Cade year. The lack of scoring in big stretches were as painful to watch as anything in basketball. Lutz runs good stuff, can build a team and emphasizes defense. Bonus, he does it right and is good in the community. We're at least competitive again, which is saying a lot in a tough league with many good coaches. Count my butt in the seat.
I really hope you are right and that he can and DOES implement this style effectively. Recall that Travis Ford had an uptempo style at UMass but that did not carry over to his time with us. Outside of his first year with Eaton/Anderson and Smart's second year, Ford's offensive numbers were not that great. Yeah, yeah... pessimistic much? I know. Going on 17ish years with one offensive bright spot (underdouche) will do that to you.

I haven't had time yet to look into and compare Lutz's numbers to our previous coaches, but hope to in the coming weeks. I'll be sure and post the spreadsheet when I get it updated.
A point guard initiating at the elbow and the # 1 option is to feed the post, holy shit. Keller and Garrison should be salivating. Keller showed some real skill, some savvy and we all saw Garrison. And if the dunk or back to the basket game isn't there, feeding the wings and doing it all in the first 12 seconds, McBride oughta be chompin at the bit too. In the Houston game, McBride was the only bright spot. The kids got some offensive game. I hope Dow's ready to shoot and I hope we find some shooters, because wings that can shoot, will thrive in this offense. If coach can figure out how to make Bryce consistent, maybe he can get that five star potential outta him. Shooters, shooters, shooters, man, I hope there's some shooters out there!