GOP to try to impeach Biden for delaying Israel Aid. Biden Move has historical precedence and isn't illegal, but they still want to impeach.


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For those keeping score, there are now seven different GOP impeachment resolutions targeting the president currently pending on Capitol Hill, none of which is likely to reach the House floor.

Mills’ measure came just hours after Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said Congress “has no choice but to impeach Biden.”

As the Republicans’ argument goes, the incumbent president said this week that the United States would not supply Israel with certain weapons and artillery shells if its military invades Rafah. To hear GOP officials tell it, this is an impeachable offense because ... well, it’s a little complicated.

As best as I can tell, Mills and Cotton believe there’s a parallel between Biden’s policy and Donald Trump’s 2019 extortion scheme toward Ukraine, in which the Republican withheld security aid in the hopes of getting Ukraine to help him by providing info to help him win his 2020 re-election campaign. It's the scandal that led to Trump's first impeachment.

This is not, however, a serious argument, in large part because there’s nothing illegal about Biden’s policy, and he's not trying to leverage security aid for campaign help.

What’s more, a White House official told The Hill that the GOP’s claims are “ridiculous,” adding, “Senior administration officials had already made multiple public statements about Rafah similar to the President’s, including that we are also ensuring Israel gets every dollar appropriated in the supplemental. Trump failed to spend dollars appropriated by Congress that he was legally required to spend. This is about a purchase made by a foreign government and our decision whether to deliver that purchase right now, which could enable an operation we’ve publicly and privately objected to.”

There’s also historical precedent to consider. As an Associated Press report noted, then-President Dwight Eisenhower “pressured Israel with the threat of sanctions into withdrawing from the Sinai in 1957 amid the Suez Crisis,” while then-President George H.W. Bush “held up $10 billion in loan guarantees to force the cessation of Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories.”

What’s more, Ronald Reagan delayed the delivery of F16 fighter jets to Israel and imposed a ban on some weapons sales to Israel “following a congressional probe that found Israel had used them in populated areas in its 1982 offensive in Lebanon.”

Congressional Democrats, it’s worth noting for context, didn’t respond to any of these developments with impeachment threats.

Republican who voted twice against Israel aid wants to impeach Biden for threatening to hold it back​

  • Rep. Cory Mills wants to impeach Biden after he threatened to withhold some aid to Israel.
  • But the Florida congressman voted against that very aid — twice.
  • He also inaccurately conflates Biden's move with the Ukraine quid pro quo that got Trump impeached.
Rep. Cory Mills wants to impeach President Joe Biden for withholding military aid to Israel that the Florida Republican voted against — twice.

While stressing that he would continue to supply defensive weapons to Israel, Biden said in a CNN interview earlier this week that the US would not supply further offensive weapons — including bombs and artillery shells — to the Jewish state if it proceeds with a full-scale invasion of Rafah, which could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. The US has already paused the transfer of thousands of other bombs.

Mills, a freshman lawmaker and former arms dealer, argued that Biden's move amounted to a quid pro quo. "Joe Biden is pressuring Israel, our biggest ally in the Middle East, by pausing their funding that has already been approved in the House, if they don't stop all operations with Hamas," Mills told Fox News. "It's a very clear message, 'this for that.'"

Yet when the House voted to approve that very aid last month, Mills was among the 21 Republicans who voted against it, leading the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to halt fundraising to the Florida congressman.

Mills was among the 14 Republicans who voted against a clean standalone Israel aid bill in February. While otherwise staunchly pro-Israel, Mills has said that he is only supportive of a version of the Israel aid package that included billions in cuts to the Internal Revenue Service — a complete non-starter for Democrats, who control the Senate and White House.

He has also expressed opposition to providing aid to Gaza, and April's package included more than $9 billion in humanitarian aid.