Friday Doubleheader in Clearwater

Edwards grounds out to 2B
Timm singles up the middle
Godwin out on a missile to right center. She just hits line drives.
Wang doubles to the right field corner, Timm scores from 1st
Poullard down swinging

1 run, 2 hits, 1 left

I don't know if its changes by Shippy or just fresh blood, but this is the most confident I've ever seen one of Kenny's teams at the plate. They are just spraying the ball everywhere.
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Groundout to 2B, nice play by Davis on slow roller
Single to LCF
Fielders choice to 2B, runner out at 2nd
Edwards makes backhanded stab at 3rd, throws to 1st

0 runs, 1 hit, 1 left

1-0 Good girls

Lott flies out to LF
Davis down looking. Eh, looked outside.
Wark reaches on error at 2B. Good AB though, fought off a lot of tough pitches
Bloodworth 2 run shot to LCF! Who is this Meghan Bloodworth?!
Edwards pokes a single to LF
--steals 2nd
Timm a rocket triple into the RF corner, Tallen scores
Godwin robbed at 3rd

3 runs, 3 hits

4-0 OSU
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Quick 3 up 3 down inning at the plate for the Cowgirls. On to the 6th still tied 4-4. Poullard swung at a 3-0 pitch above the letters to pop out for the second out. That stings.
Top 6
Leadoff double for Georgia that just gets past the 1B
Sac fly. Runner advances to 3rd.
RBI double smoked down the 3rd baseline
Ground ball to the pitcher. Cowgirls mess up the pickle. Both runners safe. Both runners were standing on second but no one was at first so that trail runner was able to get back to first. Bad defense there.
RBI single. Runner thrown out at 3rd trying to advance. 2 outs
Wild pitch runner advances. 1o pitch at bat leads to a RBI double.
K ends the inning.

Bad defense on the base path allows Georgia to blow this one open.

7-4 Georgia
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Bottom 6
Check swing bunt back to the pitcher. 1 gone
Wark walks
Bloodworth Ks.
Wark thrown out trying to advance on a dropped ball.

7-4 Georgia headed to the 7th. 5th and 6th innings have been a disaster.
Top 7
Aycock back to the mound
Ground out to the SS 1 out
Missed the second out. Think it was a K
Line out.

7-4 Georgia mid 7. Last call for the Cowgirls.