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Rule 1: No releasing of any Real-Life and/or Personal Information of anyone -- ie doxxing. This includes all forum users, including staff and forum administrators. If a user is found to have participated in such actions, they will be permanently banned from the forums.

Rule 2: Keep it friendly--no personal attacks or trolling. This includes refraining from demeaning, discriminatory, sexist, racist, homophobic or harassing behavior and speech. Violating this rule could result in actions up to a permanent ban from for repeat offenders.

Rule 3: Stay on topic. Keep football discussion in the football thread, basketball discussion in the basketball thread, etc.

Rule 4: Do not post pornographic or lewd material. This will result in a permanent ban from

Rule 5: No swearing. Swearing is reserved for the Premium Boards. If you are interested in joining the premium boards, please become a Patreon supporter.

Rule 6: Be prepared to discuss hot button topics with someone with a different point of view than you. Bring data, and avoid using logical fallacies.

The moderators and admins have been granted power to enforce these rules by the mods or are the mods themselves. Please do as they say without arguing about it. If you have concerns or questions, send a private message to the moderator or admin in question. We maintain the rights to remove posts and threads to ensure that material posted in the discussion forums meet the above criteria.

NOTE: You may see moderators or admins post their own personal political opinions in this forum. They may differ from one another and do not represent the site, which is an apolitical site dedicated to OSU Athletics. Go Pokes!
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