Florida GOP rep says that Enemies of the US & Terrorist hate Homosexuals more than "we do"


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A Florida state representative expressed how much his political party hates gay people while urging his colleagues to vote in favor of a bill urging Congress to “restore” the military’s “warfighting ethos” and rid it of “woke social engineering and experimentation practices.”

On Monday, Republican Rep. Jeff Holcomb spoke in Florida’s house, but his remarks drew gasps and disturbed looks from some lawmakers.

“Isis, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda, those are the folks who discriminate. We bombed a building in 2017 like we never usually do. We bombed it because they threw homosexuals off that building,” Holcomb said.

He then said out loud what many are saying was the quiet part.

“Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do,” the Republican legislator said.

As Holcomb made the stunning admission, the chamber filled with gasps and rumbles.

State Rep. Kelly Skidmore, a Democrat seated behind Holcomb as he spoke, recoiled, her disgust visible on her face.

“They’re the ones who discriminate our job in the military, our Navy Creed. ‘I’m committed to excellence and fair treatment of all.’ That’s what we learn in boot camp. That’s what we drill into ourselves each and every day,” Holcomb concluded.

Good lord, I gave up on Republicans during the 1990s from them being too overly preoccupied with homosexuality along with wanting to ban Penthouse. Back then, Oklahoma Republicans were also against legalizing lotteries, parimutuel horse racing and casinos. And much more recently for banning abortion and against legalizing rec marijuana. All that sure didn't help them in by books. Now the year is 2023 and Republicans are still overly obsessed with homosexuality and abortion. Will they ever move on from that? I doubt it.