Far Right wing Mega Donor and Trump and MAGA Backer Unmasked as FBI informant ?


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So Peter Thiel

calls himself a homosexual conservative libertarian and he is EXTREMELY Wealthy with a net worth close to $10 Billion

In 2016 he was the biggest financial Supporter of Trump in the Country.

After Trump was Elected, Thiel Served on Trump's Transition Team

By 2020 he had backed off Trump but was tied for the largest supporter financially of Trump picked Republicans running for offices in 2020. He backed 16 Republican House Candidates that supported the Claim that The 2020 Election was Stolen from Trump.

By 2023 he was telling the media he was tapped out and would NOT back ANY candidates any longer for 2024.

However, Business Insider is now claiming in an Exclusive dropped today that as of 2021 Thiel begin working as a CI for the FBI and worked with a team of FBI Agents who specifically were investigating " political corruption and foreign-influence campaigns"
HOLY CRAP what a read!!