Electronics Technology

Our timeshare is immediately south of this so I had the chance to see it under construction over the past few years. This is what they had it doing last weekend for summer league (wife's pics). The thing is amazing.

I flew into Vegas late Friday night. From the view from the plane during landing it looked spectacular - I've never seen anything like it. On that Friday night, the sphere's display was The Moon. It looked like the Moon had landed on earth. Tremendous depth and amazing clarity.
A couple of years ago in April we were in LV right as it was coming out of Covid restrictions (still had to wear masks in the casino, though loosely enforced). We stayed at The Venetian, our room overlooking construction of The Sphere. You could tell it was going to be a great venue, but we had no idea about how the exterior was going to look. It's incredible. I read the other day that there are 1.2 MILLION hockey puck-sized LED lights on the skin, each of those contain 48 diodes capable of producing 256 colors. I can't wait to see it live.