Cowgirls at Stetson

Lead off single off Aycocks glove
--steals 2nd
2 run HR Stetsons 3rd HR of the year
Infield single
Infield single
Single to left, bases loaded
2 run single, Aycock stays in despite giving 6 hits to the first 7 hitters
Ground out
Fly out

4-1 Hatters

Another disaster of a first inning for Aycock
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Single up the middle
Ground ball to SS, and Davis throws it to the wall in RF. Run scores, batter to 3rd
RBI single up the middle
Error at by Edwards 3B, everybody safe
--passed ball, runners move up
Ground ball off Aycock and Edwards throws her out

6-2 Stetson
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There's not much to complain about with Coach G, but there have been times when the team has come out not ready to play at all. Part of this is on Eberle leaving Aycock in.
David taps out to the mound
Edwards solo shot over RF wall. I think Edwards needs to be the leader on this team. It's been a problem in the past not having that.
Timm sends a missile right to the CF
Godwin reaches on error by 2B. May be called a hit. Went off her glove but hit hard
--new pitcher, only 2nd appearance this season
Wang grounds out to 3B

Stetson leads 6-3

Might be time to get some of the regular bats in the lineup (esp Lott)
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Page reaches on swinging bunt to 3rd
David strikes out swinging. Got ahead 2-0 and tried to bunt ball three. Not good.
Edwards lines into double play at 1st

Cowgirls are flirting with a pretty awful loss. Six outs to spend.

Can't get anything done against Stetson's #3 pitcher
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