Chinese Military modernization leads to corruption and purge of top military officials.


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In the Last few weeks Xi Jinping has raised eyebrows by dismissing many high ranking officials in the Chinese military without any public acknowledgement of it leading to speculation about what is happening. 9 high ranking military officials in the Govt have been removed. Specifically those in its Rocket Force missile commands after WIDE spread corruption has revealed that the Chinese military is Alarmingly unprepared after a massive push in the country to modernize the miliary.

US intelligence reports say the corruption is so bad some of the countries missile sites are inoperable and that China will most likely not have the ability to launch any military campaigns any time soon.

Reports it was discovered that many missiles had been filled with Water instead of Rocket Fuel, Under ground Missle silos in Western China did not have functional lids and can not be fired, It is also reported the entire Rocket Force and defense industrial complex in the country is so deep rooted in corruption that Xi doesn't have the ability or propensity for any military action for the foreseeable future.