Bedlam: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State


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I hope everything is being done to ensure a nice, loud crowd for the Cowgirls tomorrow.

An OU win would clinch at least a share of the program's first conference title since 2009. OU will be fired up for this one.

I hope the Cowgirls can shake off the funk they’ve been in lately, and bring the intensity.

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I will be so glad when we nolonger have to see these arrogant goons again...I hate that darn chant with a passion.
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The last three games our shooting has really left us. Could be tired legs. Collins only took 3 shots and Asi didn't score.

20-10 was a great regular season, tough way to end it though.
Looks like the Cowgirls will either play WVU or Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament. Whoever wins that game tonight will likely be the opponent.